In June 2020 Marquez produced one of the greatest in-race comebacks after saving a near-crash whilst leading the Jerez MotoGP.

After dropping out of the points, Marquez picked off rider after rider before coming up behind Maverick Vinales.

Set to claim second place away from the Yamaha rider and attempt to chase down Fabio Quartararo for an unlikely victory, Marquez then suffered a crash that has led to him never being the same.

But despite breaking his right shoulder which has led to four separate operations, the last of which came after the 2022 Italian MotoGP at Mugello - Marquez has also missed time due to a recurring diplopia (double vision) problem - the eight-time world champion has remained a consistent threat as was highlighted by his three wins in 2021.

Marquez was also close to winning the Australian Grand Prix just a few months ago, as he looked close to his best for the first time in three seasons.

Although Marquez has continued to ride in the same manner, something he claims won’t change going forward, his mentality regarding injuries and his future is beginning to change.

Speaking on the latest episode of Behind the Dream, Marquez said: "The fear about your future, for example the situation I had two years ago with the injury, two years ago I didn’t feel it. I said ‘I’m here, my body is for riding a bike’. 

"Of course, the risk I take on the track will always be the same because it’s my mentality and I cannot ride in another way. But the way I approach the injuries, my future, is changing. 

"It’s not the same mentality, not only for me, but it’s not the same mentality when you are 30 years old and when you’re 20. 

"The most important thing is that everybody in the team accepts that we are in a very difficult moment. 

"As soon as you accept then it’s time to work. It’s time to understand how is the way or the best way to improve for the future." 

Marquez also identified the people closest to him as ‘the most important’ when it comes to opening up about his tough periods.

"The people around me are the most important," said the Honda rider. "I’m a person that can feel really strong - yes I can be strong depending on the situation but I need to have the people that if for some reason I have some doubts then I need to share everything whether it’s good news or bad news. 

"It’s impossible to keep everything for yourself. You need to speak with somebody if you want to approach the problems."