Espargaro: “If you complain, you’re a whiner - it’s good to say what you think”

Aleix Espargaro has cut a very irritated figure recently - but has blasted the idea that he shouldn’t air his grievances.
Aleix Espargaro, MotoGP sprint race, French MotoGP, 13 May
Aleix Espargaro, MotoGP sprint race, French MotoGP, 13 May

Marc Marquez and, now, Alex Marquez have both come under criticism from Espargaro, along with Race Direction and the MotoGP Stewards.

The Aprilia rider’s latest annoyance came when he was touched by Alex Marquez in the sprint race at the French MotoGP but no sanctions were applied.

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He was asked about the incident by Marca and replied: “Alex Marquez? It doesn't matter, you've seen the race. 

“If you say that name, it's because you've seen a replay of what happened. 

“I already said that I would not talk about incidents anymore.”

Espargaro is regularly one of the more vocal MotoGP riders and the subject of the Stewards, and how they sanction riders, has wrangled him.

But he has insisted that he won’t stop speaking his mind.

"I think it's good to say what you think,” he said. 

“If not, we all come here to say: 'Nah, it went well, tomorrow more, the rubber...'

“You are going to get bored.

Aleix Espargaro, MotoGP race, French MotoGP, 14 May
Aleix Espargaro, MotoGP race, French MotoGP, 14 May

“Here if you complain, you're a whiner all day, and if you criticise, you're criticising every day. Everything seems bad.

"When you give your opinion and you are sincere, which I think is what you have to be, if you cry, you are a crybaby, and all day in the comments 'crying'. 

“There comes a time when you don't know what to do.”

MotoGP riders and Stewards held a meeting in Le Mans about recent sanctions that several riders had been unhappy about.

But the meeting did not immediately alleviate those concerns and it remains a source of frustration for many, including Espargaro, who claims he will refuse to speak about the subject because it won’t solve anything.

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