“With Marquez the controversy multiplies - riders more motivated against him”

MotoGP riders have extra motivation when battling against Marc Marquez, claims Pramac Racing’s Fonsi Nieto.

Pramac rider Jorge Martin got the better of an exciting scrap with Repsol Honda’s Marquez at the French MotoGP.

And it has now been suggested that six-time premier class champion Marquez drags out the very best from each of his competitors.

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“When Marquez is in the equation, the controversy multiplies,” Nieto told AS

“For us to fight with a guy like him on the track is something very beautiful. 

“It is a task for him that the riders are motivated to win more than Marquez, it happens to us and to the last man on the grid. 

“It tastes good when you fight with Marquez and the fight goes in your favour. 

“It's a shame that he had that mistake at the last moment, but that's Marquez. He is never going to throw in the towel or change. 

“Otherwise, it wouldn't be him, and if he hadn't fallen, he would have launched a counterattack.

“The fights with Marc are hard, although lately that happens with all the riders.”


Marquez slid out of third at Le Mans, while Martin was left to state that they solved any previous animosity through their on-track battle.

Martin had criticised Marquez in Portimao when the Honda rider ruined his, and Miguel Oliveira’s, races.

“With Marquez it was a matter of patience and we knew it would be a tough battle, because Marquez is tough,” Nieto said. 

“It has been very beautiful to see and the two have respected each other a lot. 

“One day it [goes] for you and another for the other.”

Martin is fourth in the MotoGP standings ahead of Mugello on June 11.

“We are 14 points behind,” Nieto said. “[Due to] things that have happened to us this year, due to bad luck and some mistake that we have made.

“The championship is very long and this is going to give Jorge tremendous energy, motivation and confidence.” 

He insisted that Ducati would let their satellite rider Martin challenge factory rider Francesco Bagnaia for the championship.

“Of course they are going to let us for the championship. If I didn't think that, instead of being here I would be watching the races on TV."

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