Unlike the 2022 MotoGP season where Espargaro already had a win and podium to his name through five rounds, the Aprilia rider has yet to show the same type of form.

That’s not to say he hasn’t been fast, because he has, however, the Spaniard has struggled to find his best form during qualifying and races.

Still without a podium in either the main Grand Prix or Sprint races this season, Espargaro is aiming to go much better than that and fight for the win this weekend at Mugello.

"I think I can win," said Espargaro. "I really think that I can win. There are no excuses - I’m not at the level that I expect, not at the level of the bike. 

"I’m fast! But I need to improve a little bit especially [when it comes to] preparing the races. I need to improve my qualifying to deliver better results on Sunday. 

"At the end, the points are on Sunday. It’s my time to improve the situation. I have a good bike. I love the bike and I have a good team. It’s my fault. I need to improve."

Wings needed at Mugello but not other MotoGP circuits

A topic that has and seemingly always will dominate the headlines is the current aero packages in MotoGP, and in particular that of the winglets.

While some believe it to be a good addition to MotoGP bikes, Espargaro is one of those who feels they are not required, except when it comes to Mugello.

Espargaro said: "It’s the only place in the world where I think that the wings are a good idea. It’s true! 

"I remember it was a nightmare to ride there. You opened the braking pads and it was very dangerous. 

"Now, it’s easy and for the rookies they don’t understand how we did it in the past. It’s the only place where I think the wings are good. 

"You have to be careful because the bike is difficult to move."