Bezzecchi decided to remain with Mooney VR46 earlier this week, meaning he rejected the chance to jump aboard a full factory bike. 

Ducati made it no secret that they wanted Bezzecchi to make the step, however, Valentino Rossi played a huge part in convincing the Italian to stay put. 

Winner of three races so far this season, two in the form of grands prix, Bezzecchi has become one of Ducati’s top three riders which is another reason why they wanted to put the 24-year-old on their GP24 bike.

But Bezzecchi, who admitted that the decision had made it difficult to focus on racing, said changing teams would have meant building a whole new team around him, something he didn’t want to do.

Asked why he chose not to sign for Pramac, Bezzecchi stated: "The human part of the team. The relationship that I have with all my guys. My mechanics, but also all the staff that work with me. 

"I have known them for years. Some of them were with me from Moto2. It is very important, the relationships that I have in the box. If I have to change teams, I have to rebuild these relationships. 

"It [would not be] easy. And in MotoGP you have to perform, unfortunately, very quick! So I was not sure that I would be able to perform in the same way. 

"This was the main part. Then, also, Vale cared a lot about me. I was very happy to see this, to see him pushing so much for me to stay. For me, it was fantastic, because Vale is Vale! It was very important. 

"I am very happy, first of all. It was a tough period, even if I tried to stay focused on racing. It was difficult because my mind was travelling around. 

"It was difficult to keep concentration. Now, I am more relaxed because I decided to continue with my team. It was a very nice moment. I am happy."