Bezzecchi: “My plan was to pass Pecco’, Di Giannantonio ‘here to win races’

Marco Bezzecchi and Fabio Di Giannantonio admitted their plan was to attack and overtake Francesco Bagnaia during the MotoGP sprint race at Valencia.
Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati MotoGP Valencia 2023
Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati MotoGP Valencia 2023

Both riders were seen riding behind Bagnaia during the race and at different stages appeared to have the pace needed to challenge the series leader.

However, an overtake didn’t come from either Italian, only Fabio Quartararo of the second group attempted a move on the reigning MotoGP champion.

Quartararo’s move failed as he crashed out at turn six, but Di Giannantonio was stuck behind Bagnaia for much of the race, as only a two tenths gap separated them.

But no overtake came, suggesting he and Bezzecchi were perhaps holding back from attacking their fellow Ducati rider.

But that was not the case as Di Giannantonio told “I’m here to win races and make podiums for myself. We don’t know whether I’ll be here next year. 

“To do a favour for another rider is not in my situation at the moment. I’m here to try and make the maximum for myself. I really tried. 

“I have this riding style that’s really smooth but honestly, I was pushing, I was on the limit. 

“It was a bit too risky and I was losing so much gap on the straight so it was difficult and when I got closer there was no real chance to make the move without contact, and that’s not my style.”

Bezzecchi also issued similar words as Di Giannantonio, and instead claimed an early mistake was the cause of him not challenging Bagnaia. 

Bezzecchi stated: “I tried my best. I made a mistake early on in the race behind Pecco; it was the second or third lap, I don’t remember, but he braked a little bit too early and I braked a little bit late and together nearly went into him. 

“Then I lost the place to Quartararo. My plan was to pass him and go on but unfortunately with this mistake I had to recover and couldn’t catch him.”

In terms of the main race and whether any favours will be made, Bezzecchi again said his priority is to get the best result for himself. 

“It is difficult to say,” claimed the Italian. “We will see how the race goes. I want to get the best result possible so we will see. It is not something that regards me.”

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