Marini: Honda is ‘ideal for me, it’s like playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona’

Luca Marini says Valentino Rossi was the first person he spoke to when considering a MotoGP switch to Honda.
Luca Marini, Valencia MotoGP test 28 November
Luca Marini, Valencia MotoGP test 28 November

The former Ducati rider for his half-brother’s team, Marini admitted to sorting out Rossi for advice because of his relationship, but also Rossi’s experience.

Speaking on’s Por Orejas podcast, Marini said: “Honestly, the first person I called was my brother. 

“First of all because he is the head of the team, the owner. But also because he is a person of great intelligence and with a lot of experience. 

“I explained to him what I felt inside, what I thought, and that it could be a good opportunity for my career. 

“Together with the VR46 academy, with my manager and with Honda, we started talking and from those conversations all this came about.”

Marini has the not-so-small task of replacing Marc Marquez, who is a six-time MotoGP champion with Honda.

The Japanese manufacturer has struggled ever since it lost Marquez to injury at the beginning of 2020, however, even with his return Honda have nosedived even further.

Hoping to take Honda back to the top of MotoGP, Marini says the switch away from Ducati was made easier because joining the most successful manufacturer in MotoGP history is like signing for Spanish Football giants Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“I think I’m the right rider for Honda at the moment and I also think that, for me, Honda is the ideal team because it’s a dream,” added the Italian. 

“It’s like going to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. I think that at the moment, we can only improve. We have to be patient and give ourselves time. 

“We must not rush. MotoGP is a really complicated sport, with a lot of competition; there is not only Ducati, there are also KTM, Aprilia and Yamaha, which are pushing a lot to improve their bikes. It won’t be easy but we have to work better than our rivals.”

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