Brad Binder ‘still using last year’s engine, priority was to get up to speed’

Brad Binder says he used the 2023 engine on day one of the Sepang MotoGP test.

Brad Binder, Sepang MotoGP test, 6 February
Brad Binder, Sepang MotoGP test, 6 February

Brad Binder has described his start to MotoGP pre-season testing as ‘quite smooth’ although a puncture saw him and KTM lose track time.

Binder’s puncture came very soon into his opening run, however, the South African was still able to complete 60 laps aboard his RC16. 

“It was so cool to be back on a GP bike,” said Binder following day one. “It felt like ages. Everything was quite smooth and no massive complaints.

“We basically started how we finished in Valencia. We played around with some electronic stuff, some engine brake stuff. We kept things really simple today.

“The only mishap we had was a puncture on my third lap which was a bit of a pain as we lost a lot of work.

“But other than that all good, I can’t complain at all. Tomorrow is when the interesting stuff will really start and we can see what the guys have found.

“Priority number one today was to get up to speed and that is what was done.”

As Binder hinted at, Wednesday’s second day of running will be a big one as he’s expected to test the 24-spec engine.

Having changed very little compared to the Valencia test last year, Binder added: “I’m still using last year’s engine. I was just testing myself and the electronic stuff is a lot.

“The electronic stuff is small changes here, small changes there and it changes the character of the bike a lot.

“When you play with the engine brake you never quite know what you’re getting. You have to be open to change all the time.

“I think we found something that I was quite happy with in the end. I need to tweak it a bit still.

“They do everything within reason but sometimes they throw everything and more at it and you can be super sideways and you can’t turn in. then you try and adjust, they call it controllers, or something, f**k knows.

“I just ride the thing and give my feedback.”

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