Bullish claim from Valentino Rossi’s ally that hype for MotoGP remains sky-high

"The enthusiasm is there," despite Valentino Rossi retirement...

Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi remains MotoGP’s biggest breakout superstar and how to replicate him will be a long-lasting issue.

But Davide Brivio believes, despite the huge interest in Rossi’s glory years, that a large audience is still at MotoGP’s disposal.

Brivio spent three years away from MotoGP working in the Formula 1 paddock with Alpine.

Upon his return, as team principal of Trackhouse, he has reflected on the changing times in the world’s premier two-wheel series.

“MotoGP has changed over time, as have the characters that compose it,” Brivio told Motosprint.

“Valentino was a sort of popular effect, similar to [fellow Italians] Alberto Tomba in skiing and Jannik Sinner in tennis.

“Rossi gave the system a boost. Today the #46 effect has faded, but the audience is still high.

“The enthusiasm is there. And how…”

Liberty Media’s takeover of MotoGP could spring the sport to new heights, as it did when it helped F1 to grow.

Davide Brivio: "In F1 companies race, in MotoGP teams race"

Raul Fernandez, MotoGP, Portuguese MotoGP, 23 March
Raul Fernandez, MotoGP, Portuguese MotoGP, 23 March

Brivio was the man who tempted Rossi from Honda to Yamaha in 2003.

What followed next will forever be in MotoGP folklore; a career which garnered mainstream attention like no motorcycle racer ever.

Many years on, Brivio is still at the forefront leading a MotoGP team.

After a spell away from the sport, is he still as passionate?

"Certainly. A lot, otherwise I would stay at home,” he said.

“In my career, I have taken many planes, I will gladly do it again.

“The passion for my work is intact, indeed, I would define it as further grown and consolidated.

“If that wasn't the case, I'd probably do something else."

Brivio offered an intriguing comparison between F1 and MotoGP.

“In Formula 1 companies race, in MotoGP teams race,” he said.

“The four-wheelers enjoy enormous economic and human resources because, logically, the car is larger than a two-wheeler.

“Many people work on the single-seater, and almost every piece is produced in-house, apart from tyres, brakes and little else.

“Between power units in hybrid configuration and aerodynamic sections, we never stop intervening.

“The game requires large resources, a large number of engineers, separate but connected departments between them. If we quantify the differences, they are large."

Trackhouse, an Aprilia satellite squad, are run by the team behind the huge NASCAR project.

The role of Aprilia will be crucial for the team who count Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez as their riders.

“We have excellent RS-GPs and support from the manufacturer,” Brivio said.

“The merit of Trackhouse is explained by the signal: desire and intentions to do well are very high.

“Justin Marks discussed the contract together with Aprilia, immediately asking for the 2024 version RS-GPs, more expensive than the ‘23, but continuously updated.

“After a few words, he accepted. This struck me positively.

“We will end up having the same bikes as the Noale factory team, today, in 2025 and 2026.

“For us it has enormous appeal towards riders, sponsors and the environment.”

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