Fabio Quartararo on where Yamaha is losing: “Last sector is killing us”

Fabio Quartararo says the final sector of the Catalunya circuit is ‘killing’ Yamaha’s hopes.

Fabio Quartararo
Fabio Quartararo

2021 MotoGP champion Fabio Quartararo made steady progress in the sprint race although he was hoping for more.

The pace from Quartararo was solid but unspectacular as he came across the line to finish tenth.

Asked if the race went as expected, Quartararo added: “Half and half. Our bike is super sensitive to grip conditions. When it drops a little for the others it drops completely for us. 

“The starting point for our lap time was much slower but in terms of pace it was what I expected. The last sector is killing us.

“I had Jack in front but in the last sector we lose three tenths every lap. Unfortunately we could not be faster but it was a race we expected.”

Quartararo pointed to the feeling with the front tyre as one of the reasons why he has suffered in Barcelona.

Even so, Yamaha have made evident steps forward after Alex Rins made it into Q2 directly. 

“I think the front tyre for me, was not like normal,” stated Quartararo. “The 70h which is the medium we used in this race is feeling super bad.

“Like this morning It is not normal that I’m using the soft tyre and the stability that I had was not good.

“I don’t understand the front tyre this weekend and I think we are missing some confidence, but it is like this for everyone.”

Turning issues still plaguing Yamaha

What was once their strongest area is now one of their weakest and Quartararo is hopeful big changes will change the characteristics of the current M1.

Detailing the weak area of the M1 and when changes will be made, Quartararo added: “It is a lot about turning and grip. It is exactly what we miss. The way we used to turn in the past was our strong point and now it is where we struggle more.

“Clearly, the lean angle that we are not able to do and with the grip that is not helping us; the tyre is pushing us wide so it is critical.

“But I’m riding well and looking at the data we are pushing in the right direction.

“But I'm looking forward to the test we have in Mugello and Valencia because it could be a big change for us.”

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