Marco Bezzecchi on continued struggles: “I keep pulling the handlebars to turn”

Marco Bezzecchi’s difficult start to 2024 showed no signs of slowing down at the Catalunya MotoGP.

Marco Bezzecchi
Marco Bezzecchi

While team-mate Fabio Di Giannantonio produced a late charge to finish fifth, Marco Bezzecchi endured another tough Catalunya MotoGP.

Bezzecchi was beaten to tenth spot by Miguel Oliveira as he also finished last of the four Ducati riders aboard GP23 machines.

“Was a tough weekend, of course, as you saw from the result,” said Bezzecchi. “Nothing more to say but it is always good experience and good data that we bring home to try and analyse and grow for the next races.

“Unfortunately here, the problem I always have here with understeer and stopping the bike, was really not possible to improve during the weekend.

“Throughout the race I needed to manage the front tyre because it was starting to struggle too early.

“But when you have to manage too much; managing is normal in a track like this, but too much is difficult to go fast. I wasn’t able to be fast enough.”

Bezzecchi was quick to deny that his ongoing struggles this season, but more specifically in Catalunya, were down to his riding style.

The Italian said: “I like the track and it is a beautiful track, but it is not a matter of riding style.

“I struggled throughout the whole weekend to be comfortable on the bike. Even if we tried many different things we couldn’t find the solution. This is the main issue.”

Next up is Bezzecchi’s home round at Mugello, which he hopes brings ‘positive vibes’.

“I hope because I need some positive vibes,” said Bezzecchi on the prospect of turning his form around.

“I don’t know what to expect but hopefully it can be better. Mugello is a track that I love so hopefully I can make a step there.”

Bezzecchi, who also confirmed that he has been studying the data of Di Giannantonio and Marc Marquez this weekend, was still unable to benefit from seeing their strong points.

“I look at everyone's data and Diggia is really good at releasing the brake which is the part I am struggling the most,” said Bezzecchi. 

“Unfortunately, I tried many times to release the brake as he did but also as Marc and other 23 bikes.

“But every time that I do this I always have a lot of understeer and the bike doesn’t turn so well, so I keep pulling on the handlebars to turn but I destroy the front tyre.

“We have to find a way to get the bike to turn better and avoid my way to force the bike to turn.”

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