While some riders have expressed disappointed at the loss of the one-lap adrenalin rush previously offered by super-sticky qualifying tyres, Suzuki's Loris Capirossi isn't one of them.

During open competition, the MotoGP tyre manufacturers needed to produce special one-lap rubber in order to get their riders as high as possible on the starting grid. Banning of such tyres was difficult, but the introduction of an all-Bridgestone single tyre rule for 2009 means they are no longer needed.

While some one-lap specialists were previously able to jump up the order using qualifying tyres, and others simply enjoyed the extra speed offered, Capirossi admits he is 'really happy' that qualifying will take place with race specification tyres from 2009.

"I'm pleased about that," said Capirossi, an impressive third fastest at the recent Sepang test. "Last year I struggled a lot with qualifying, so I'm really happy not to have to use qualifying tyres."

The #65's best qualifying position during his debut season at Suzuki was third at his home Italian Grand Prix, followed by two sixth place starts. Loris started from outside the top ten at nine of the 16 races he entered.

Capirossi, who has taken 13 pole positions during eleven seasons of 500cc/MotoGP racing, last started on pole at the 2006 Japanese Grand Prix, with Ducati.