More details of the enlarged three-rider 2011 Repsol Honda MotoGP team structure have been revealed.

HRC vice president Shuhei Nakamoto stated that, contrary to some previous rumours, all riders - Dani Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso and new signing Casey Stoner - will ride from one pit garage.

The only exception will be for purely practical reasons.

"We will have three riders in one box. At maybe three races we will have a small box, so we will have to think about that," said Nakamoto.

"So at the moment it looks like at 15 races we will be able to have one huge garage," confirmed HRC's communication & marketing director Livio Suppo, "Just in some circumstances it may not be possible because of the pit layout.

"And no wall."

Nakamoto and Suppo also explained that data sharing between the team-mates, whilst more open than in previous seasons at Repsol, will have some limits.

"Some of the data will be shared but not all. This is because our three riders are team-mates, but also competitors," said Nakamoto.

On the subject of why data is not fully shared, Suppo added: "There is some data that is more related to the set-up of the bike and set-up of the bike can be more up to the rider. This can be an advantage sometimes, so it is correct that they can keep it."

Honda will be the only factory team with three riders this season, but Nakamoto insists HRC is more than prepared.

"We have enough resources to adapt to all three riders," he said.

So Honda will make three different factory bikes if needed?

"Each rider always has a different machine [in some way], but the base is very similar for all three riders," Nakamoto replied.

The question of team orders was also raised, with Nakamoto asked what will happen if one HRC rider is clearly ahead of the others at the middle of the season.

"If this case happens I will think," he said. "At this moment I think we have three riders who can fight for the title until the end of the season. This is what I hope and believe."

This season, each Repsol rider will have two electronic engineers.



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