Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, has arrived in Suzuka, Japan, venue of the first Grand Prix of the 2003 season on April 6...

"Hello from Japan,

"Our flight here was good, we flew Japan Air Lines, it wasn't full - there were five of us in our section - so John and I were bouncing around from seat to seat. The weather in Osaka was ugly though! They kept saying, "Please fasten your seatbelts, we are going to go through some major turbulence!" But it never came.

"When we got in, we met up with most of the team on the "team" bus and drove to Suzuka, which is a 2 1/2 hour drive - and Japanese are very slow drivers!

"However, no matter how fast or slow they are going, they always MOVE OVER AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! Unlike 98% of Americans who park it in the damn fast lane and think they doing right. Get out of the road! Move over! (Breathe Desiree). Well wherever we go everyone moves out of the way except for American drivers - hey John and I at least move over, 'cause it's considerate.

"Anyway, enough about idiot drivers. We are here at the Suzuka Circuit [pictured]. Right now I'm watching MTV and there is a Japanese punk band rocking out and it's not bad. Some videos they show, John and I are like, "What the &^%$ is this?"

"Well we are going to play Tennis today, I suck. But it's fun trying to look like I play. Will write later in the week.