Following last Friday's shock announcement that KTM would no longer supply MotoGP engines for Team Roberts, with seven races of the 2005 season still to go, the Banbury based outfit has today (Friday) released the following statement regarding the split.

In it, Team Roberts reveal that they were given no prior warning of KTM's decision and that it breaches commitments made to supply engines and funding for the full season. Team Roberts also state that they made no additional requests for money - and were not paid the money agreed.

The KTM powered Proton KR scored just one-point from the first ten races of 2005, with a lack of engine torque cited as the main obstacle to competitiveness.

Kenny Roberts Snr's team, which ran former BSB champion Shane Byrne, are currently seeking ways to continue their participation in the championship.

The full statement can be seen below:

"Simultaneously with the public on August 12th, KTM informed its partner, Team Roberts, through a press release that it is going to cancel all its activities in relation to the current racing season in the MotoGP series.

"KTM thereby is in breach with its initial commitment to participate through Team Roberts in the 2005 racing season. In contrast to KTM's recent press release, in which it sought to present itself merely as an engine supplier, the cooperation between KTM and Team Roberts was supposed to be a partnership on equal footage.

"KTM not only undertook to contribute the engines, electronics, tyres and the costs for the team rider, but also committed to share the responsibility for the funding of the team's budget for the racing season 2005. This budget was arrived at and agreed upon between KTM and Team Roberts representatives in early February.

"There were no additional requests for funding by Team Roberts over and above the original agreed upon amounts, only requests for on-schedule payments that were never received.

"Team Roberts has acted honourably and in good faith to fulfill the obligations that were agreed with KTM. Team Roberts would not begin a project such as this without funding in place to complete the obligations to Dorna and our other sponsors for the entire season.

"Both parties were perfectly aware that a participation of Team Roberts in the 2005 racing season would not have been a viable option without KTM's technical support and funding. In reliance on KTM's commitment as a strong and equal team partner, Team Roberts decided to engage in the racing season 2005.

"At first, KTM effectively announced its cooperation and "the agreement reached" with Team Roberts. In fact, KTM also put considerable effort in this cooperation with Team Roberts in the current racing season. However, contrary to the other racing series, in which KTM participates, the expected success in the MotoGP series did not materialize.

"Against this background and due to internal strategic business decisions and alternative allocation of resources as announced by KTM in its recent press release, KTM decided to pull out of the cooperation with Team Roberts in the middle of the current racing season and to disregard its commitments with Team Roberts.

"As KTM has not only failed to deliver competitive engines in the current racing season, they have also failed to live up to their funding responsibilities and choose to breach their commitment to supply engines, electronics, tyres and a rider to Team Roberts 2005 MotoGP efforts.

"As we celebrate our 20th season of participation in motorcycle racings' premier category, Team Roberts will continue to assist in the professionalism and development of our sport.

"We are passionate about MotoGP and although our success during the past few years has been mixed and our views not always agreed, we have tried to succeed in a way which we believe may benefit the sport in the future, and we have committed 110% to our goals.

"Obviously the departure of KTM creates severe problems for us and we will address the situation with our best efforts to continue in the championship.

"We would like to thank all of our fans and motorcycle industry colleagues who have expressed support to us and encourage our continued participation. We also want to thank our suppliers and colleagues, who have been extremely patient in light of our current circumstances.

"See you in Brno!"



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