Dani Pedrosa got a 300km/h scare when he slipstreamed past Valentino Rossi for third place, on lap 16 of Sunday's Aragon MotoGP.

Rossi - making an early return from a broken leg - had been reeled in by the Repsol Honda rider and drifted defensively to the left along the main straight.

Pedrosa felt the Italian should have left him more room, the pair being just centimetres apart as he was squeezed to the edge of the track.

After the race, in parc ferme, Pedrosa said: "Unfortunately, Valentino did a strange move to me on the main straight. He closed the door completely in the left at 300k. Too tight to not give room. So not so nice, but fortunately I could pass him."

Asked to explain the incident further in the post-race press conference, Pedrosa added:

"I didn’t see the TV images so I only can say from my feeling on the bike. And when I was on the bike I think it was very close! I cannot judge what he saw, but obviously you know, you feel, that you are getting overtaken.

"For sure, at the beginning he didn’t see me. But once you get alongside, you just try to give room to the other rider. But I was on the line. The handlebars were like this [a centiremetre apart] and we were at 300k's. I don’t think you need to force the issue that much - because the risk at this speed, the margin for error is very small.

"But I had good drive and enough speed so I didn’t get 'stuck' with his speed. Because sometimes when you are overtaking in the slipstream, if you are too close, let’s say your speed 'stops' when you get alongside the other guy. Like happened to me one lap or two laps before with Dovi. But fortunately I could still keep going and get out of that sandwich!"

Rossi dismissed criticism of the move, saying it is normal to ride to the left to try and avoid handing a slipstream to the rider behind.

"You know, if he’s not happy Pedrosa, have to race alone I think! This is what I think, because everyone did the same to me when they want to overtake, especially on the last lap.

"But sincerely in the exit from turn 14, you always go to the left. Maybe this was one metre more. I don’t know. Maybe these riders think that they own the track!"

Pedrosa went on to finish second and Rossi fifth.