Bradley Smith has revealed he is no longer considering retirement as a viable option for the end of the current season as he contemplates options as a MotoGP test rider or a return to the Moto2 class for 2019.

Having lost his seat in KTM’s factory squad to Johann Zarco, the Englishman stated he could walk away from the sport back in June. A switch to production bike racing was of no interest, he said at the time. 

Yet, having met with manager Bob Moore to discuss his future plans in recent weeks, Smith said he is now “open to hearing anything and anybody” in the coming days, with next year's move intended to lead to a full-time MotoGP return in 2020.

It is believed Smith could have an option with KTM’s test team for 2019, while he would also be a contender should Yamaha set up a European test team.

“I’ve had my meetings with Bob to strategise what we’re trying to achieve,” said Smith, who scored a season’s best result of tenth two weeks ago at the Sachsenring. “At the moment all options are open options in terms of this paddock and I’ve told him that. I’m open to hearing anything and anybody and then I’ll decide what I’ll do from there.

“Most people did switch off their emails and phones during the summer break which is fair enough. But we need to get back on the case this weekend, making the rounds and speaking to people. The best way for me to do it is to be fast on track. I’ll do that and Bob does the speaking part and hopefully something will land.”

So retirement is no longer in his thoughts? “The thing is I was very open to that fact,” Smith admitted. “But it’s shown me over the last few months that I’m not ready to completely stop. It’s quite nice to get to that point. When you say it out in the open you become accountable because it’s a big word.

“Actually having done the last few months and a bit of decision making when push finally comes to shove I’m not ready to stop and I don’t want my career to end in this way. I’m a bit more into giving it another shot in ’19, looking towards 2020 to get myself back.

“I’m going to do anything and everything possible to make sure I’m back on the MotoGP grid in 2020. I’m not over this and I’m not the slowest guy on the grid. You’ve got to sit there and think, ‘I’ve got the speed or the know-how so at some point I’m going to slot back inside this paddock how I need to.’”

Looking ahead to the second half of 2018, the 27-year old added, “Last year I definitely feel the KTM performed better on the tracks [in the second part of the season]. I don’t really know why but if it’s the same as this year, fantastic. We can pinpoint tracks that we’ll take massive advantage of.”