Scott Redding says the latest deadline on making a final decision on his future will be at his home race the British MotoGP but hints the call could come earlier as he weighs up his options.

With the British rider set to be replaced by Andrea Iannone at Aprilia next year, Redding is mulling over multiple options for his next career move including a possible switch to the Bennetts British Superbike championship with serial title winners PBM.

Other opportunities include a move to World Superbikes, which he may be able to combine with what still seems his best and most likely option; an Aprilia MotoGP test and wild-card role.

Returning to Moto2 is another possibility, but concerns over his size could see him struggle, with the British rider eager to lockdown his final decision with ‘time running out’.

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“I would like to get something done this weekend or next weekend,” Redding said. “It is getting closer but I need to make a decision that is the only thing like I said last week. My time is running out so I need to bite the bullet and make a choice.

“Maybe this weekend it all comes together and I say okay this I what I want to do. Maybe it will take another week or so and we can make a decision at Silverstone but I might take even longer but my plan is over these next two races to get it done. It is taking too long already.”

Redding hasn’t ruled out any options but did say a move to BSB for 2019 was not favourable, largely down to safety concerns, but feels a move to the national series would be more suitable later on in his career.

“We have spoken with them [PBM] because I’ve had to keep every option open but it is not really something I would like to do now,” he said. “Like I said last week I do have a safety concern on that side but there are many other little things around that I don’t really want to be in a position where I have to go there.

“I would like to go a little bit later in my career, I would like to race in BSB at some point in my career because the fan base is really great there and the racing is really good so it would be nice at some point but I’m hoping by then at least Cadwell Park is gone.”

Redding has also revealed he’s looked to manager Michael Bartholemy for advice on his future but accepts the final call must be his alone.

“I speak to Michael mainly because my family have a different view on the situation so I don’t really have too many people to talk to,” he said. “I obviously speak to Jasper about it because he is a close friend of mine.

“Mainly with Michael because he has been here longer than I have and he’s seen a lot of people coming and going. Being older means you are wiser usually so I have asked him what he thinks, he gave me his opinion but in the end it comes down to what you want to do. That’s it, I can’t really speak to anyone else about it.”



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