During the recent scorching hot Thai MotoGP, the reaction of many locals to the news that the Buriram round was moving from October to March next season was the warning, 'it's even hotter here in March!'

Some then asked, 'will it be a night race?'

A night race has been reported by local media as a possibility for 2020 and, given the extensive circuit lighting already in place (pictured), seemed to make perfect sense to the Thai fans.

Not only would a night race avoid the worst of the searing temperatures - the same reason given for Qatar becoming MotoGP's first and so far only night event - but crowd numbers might also be boosted since fans would be willing to watch in the open air (assuming no rain) rather than being forced to seek shade in a grandstand.

Unfortunately for any overheating fans, riders and team members it looks like it won't happen for 2020, with the existing lighting not of the level required for MotoGP and only five months until the next race.

"[A Buriram night race] is not the plan for 2020. It could be an idea for the future, but not for next season," a Dorna spokesman told Crash.net. "But they have to install the whole equipment and this means both time and money."

This year's Buriram World Superbike round was held in March when air temperatures reached 36 degrees (5 degrees hotter than the MotoGP) and the track temperature 52 degrees (4 degrees higher than MotoGP).

Sepang in Malaysia, which until the arrival of Buriram was considered clearly the most punishing event of the season, also now has a lighting system in place, which will be put to use in December's 8 Hours FIM world endurance race. But as with Buriram, there appear to be no concrete plans to upgrade the lighting to MotoGP spec.

Buriram is scheduled to host round two of the 2020 MotoGP season, after Qatar, on March 19-22.



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