Miguel Oliveira was unimpressed by Francesco Bagnaia's 'childish' and potentially dangerous reaction after being held up during Qualifying 2 for the French MotoGP.

The Pramac Ducati rider was on a hot lap when he caught a slower-moving Oliveira and clearly felt he was obstructed by the KTM rider.

Bagnaia initially waved his hand at Oliveira but the 'worst thing' was that the Italian also 'crossed his bike to mine, like wanting to hit me'. A move Oliveira said was repeated as they entered the pits.

"Pecco was acting very childish because after my third lap in Q2, I was off the racing line, or let’s say the ideal line, but not completely off the track. So I could not see that he was coming," Oliveira said.

"He started to wave his hand. For me the worst is that he crossed his bike to my one, like wanting to hit me and make me crash. Also coming into the pits.

"For me it’s just a reflection of what he is. He’s a child. When you endanger another rider because of one fast lap, it is normal to have this kind of attitude.

"I might make mistakes on track, but I always try to respect my opponents and not show that I want them to crash.

"For me this was not acceptable from his side."

Bagnaia apologised after the session, saying that he had been 'too nervous, too angry', but also hopes Oliveira will look behind him when riding slowly in future.

"I have to say sorry to Miguel, because when I am riding in a normal situation, my anger level is not too high, but when I find someone riding slow in front of me and I am pushing, I'm very nervous," Bagnaia said.

"So for sure it was enough what happened with Miguel, because I was too nervous, too angry, because he was riding slowly.

"But for sure he was thinking that in a normal situation in qualifying, you just push for three laps and maybe this was the fourth, and maybe he was not thinking about me that I was trying to push also in the fourth lap.

"But in any case, if I will meet him I will say sorry to him for my reaction, but I will ask him to please next time to look behind him to see if someone is arriving."

Bagnaia went on to qualify seventh with Oliveira, who suffered an engine problem and fall earlier in the day, twelfth.

The good news for the Portuguese was that he did not lose the engine that emitted smoke and oil, causing red flags during FP4.

"Actually, it was not a problem with the engine at all. It was just a small technical issue related to the engine that made us lose a little bit of oil," Oliveira revealed.

"For emergency purposes, the engine automatically stops. So fortunately for us, the engine is still okay. This bike is completely fine. Have no issues. We will be able to run it tomorrow."