Eight-time world champion Marc Marquez goes into the 2021 MotoGP season with huge uncertainty surrounding his particpation and physical condition.

The Repsol Honda rider will miss next month's first official test in Qatar, but remains positive about his prospects for the 2021 season. It remains to be seen whether the test is all that the eight-time champion will miss. 

At the recent HRC launch Marquez was joined by new teammate Pol Espargaro to introduce the new bike. Marquez had his say on what he missed most about racing in 2020, how long it will take to adapt to riding again after his longest spell away from the sport, and potential rivals in 2021. 

When asked about what he missed most about racing, Marquez stated it was a tough situation and that he even 'missed' the things he usually does not enjoy: "Of course, I missed the entire team a lot, this is what I miss. But obviously I miss racing, I miss the adrenaline, but I miss everything a bit.

"Normally I hate events and all these things but also, I missed them. In the first part of the injury, you miss being on the track, to be racing and competing and having that adrenaline.

"Then you start to miss your team a lot, then you start to miss the atmosphere from the circuits and then you miss even the events, the interviews, the journalists but now step by step, it’s what I said, I feel that this feeling will come back soon.”

With Marquez on the side-line for all but the opening round in 2020, it meant for the first time since 2015 when Jorge Lorenzo won the world championship that a champion not named Marquez would be crowned. 

Marquez was asked about his potential rivals going into the new campaign, and while it was not something the Spanish rider wanted to talk much about, he said: "I don't care who will be the strongest one because I have other goals but obviously to answer your question; it will be Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki. 

"Of course Suzuki, Mir is the World Champion so he must, he is the guy to defend the title. Suzuki did a great job last year, so they are the guys to beat, and Yamaha, Ducati and even KTM finished in a very good way with Oliveira, so yeah. But now I don't care, it's not my battle."

When Marquez next steps on MotoGP machinery it will be close to a year since the last time he did so. That's by far the most amount of time the 28 year-old has had away from riding. 

Marquez was asked about this at the launch and how much time it will take to adapt to the bike once again. "The thing is that's a difficult question because it's the first time in my life, in my career, that there has been six, seven, eight, nine, ten months without a bike, with a big injury. 

"Of course the first time that I ride the bike I will not be truly 100% because you know, one thing is to be 100% on the bone side, then being 100% on the muscles and all these things. We will see, I can imagine the best comeback that is to start riding the bike again and be the same, but it will be difficult to be like this. But we will see if it takes one race, two races, half the season to be the same Marc."

The opening round of the season is scheduled to get underway on March 28th at the Losail International circuit, and like fans, teams and riders will be interested to see the condition of Marquez.