Race-winning Moto3 rookie Pedro Acosta may have a few years to wait before he can race against the MotoGP stars, but thanks to Jack Miller he already gets to train with one.

Acosta has taken Moto3 by storm this season, winning four of his opening nine races, most famously from pit lane in Qatar. He's also avoided the normal rookie pitfalls to finish no lower than eighth, resulting in a massive 48-point title lead heading into the summer break.

The young Spaniard's current team boss Aki Ajo is also Miller's personal manager, meaning the double Ducati race winner has kept an especially close eye on Acosta's progress and is happy to help the Spaniard out with some training and advice.

"I’m not taking any credit. That kid is amazing, second to none. His racing ability is fantastic," Miller said.

"He was there in Barcelona and asked if he could join us for training. I was happy to have him there. He was super enthusiastic. I like it a lot when these young guys come in and they aren’t being superstars, they’re just coming in and being normal guys.

"We’re here to ride motorbikes, and even though it’s a job you still have to make some fun out of it. For him to come and train was a lot of fun. The kid is an immense talent."

Although not a rookie, Miller also jumped into instant Moto3 title contention when he joined Aki AJo's Moto3 team in 2014. The Australian arrived without a grand prix podium, but finished the season with six wins and second place in the world championship.

"I’ve learnt a lot in my time here. I’ve been on both sides… When I was in Moto3 I didn’t know anyone or anything and I was trying to fight for a world title," Miller said.

"I just tried to give him a little guidance, saying 'do what you’ve been doing, it’s been working out until now. Don’t let anyone try and change you. Do what works for you and keep it like that'. He’s a smart enough kid.

"Aki and I have discussed it. I’m happy to have him come along to training. Like I said, he’s not a superstar, he’s not one of these that thinks he’s better than everyone else.

"He’s just a normal bloke who enjoys riding motorcycles."

Miller's Moto3 heroics were enough for Honda to send the Australian straight to MotoGP the following year, in the now defunct Open class.

Acosta is tipped to take a more traditional path, by moving up to Moto2 with Ajo next season.


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