After enduring a tough Styrian MotoGP, Marc Marquez is hoping his efforts of coming back as before (2019) and earlier, along with Honda’s work over the course of 2021 will inspire a championship challenge for 2022. 

With Marquez improving as each round goes on physically, a return to fighting for podiums and wins should be possible, if not expected, however, the eight-time world champion is still far from where he’s aiming to be. 

During last weekend’s tenth round of the season, the Spaniard expected to be better than he ultimately was coming off a five-week break. 

And with a championship challenge obviously out of the question for this season, getting back to the form we saw for many seasons with 2022 in mind ‘is of course the goal’. 

Speaking about this and Honda’s efforts to have an improved package going forward, Marquez added: "I mean of course this is the goal. I’m working on my side to be better and come back as before, especially to ride (the same way). 

"At the moment I’m not riding in a natural way. This is one goal, and Honda is working very hard, in the summer break they work very hard. 

"They are testing many things on my part of the garage. This is also important to feel the reaction of your factory." 

Marquez has done more testing during race weekends so far this season than at any other point, which should also be remembered. 

"It’s true that testing a lot of things during a race weekend is not the best way to find the best result on a Sunday, but now I don’t have nothing to lose and nothing to win," said Marquez.  

"We are trying to prepare well for 2022, trying to prepare well for the future and trying many things. All Honda riders are struggling. 

"I was checking the standings and I’m leading all Honda riders with five zero’s, that means Honda riders are struggling. We need to keep working and we need to believe in it."