Effective immediately, the MotoGP World Championship will separate the use of yellow-and-red reduced adhesion flags from white-and-red rain flags.

Previously, the yellow-and-red flags were displayed to warn that 'adhesion on this section of the track could be affected'.

But from now on, the yellow-and-red striped flags and light panels will only be used if track adhesion is potentially reduced for any reason other than rain. Such as oil, gravel, grass or other debris.

Meanwhile the white flag with a diagonal red cross, previously used to signal 'drops of rain on this section of the track' will now be used for, 'Drops of rain on this section of the track including rain affecting the track surface'.

The change has been made following feedback from riders and will make the source of any reduced adhesion clearer.

In the past, the overlap between the flags could mean both were displayed at the same time to signal a damp or wet slippery surface plus continued drops of rain. But the same flag combination could also mean drops of rain combined with debris or oil on track.

If both flags are displayed in future, riders will know it means rain plus another form of reduced adhesion.

For consistency, the same revised flag meanings will also be applied at other FIM and national series.