Watch below for video coverage of this evening's 2020 Ducati MotoGP team presentation at Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna.

Triple title runner-up Andrea Dovizioso and race-winning team-mate Danilo Petrucci will be unveiling the Italian factory's latest colours at 8pm local time…



Gigi: Ducati MotoGP innovations 'a team effort'

Under Gigi Dall’Igna's leadership, Ducati has introduced more (visible) technical innovations than any other MotoGP manufacturer.

Winglets, wheel covers, a holeshot device, swingarm 'tyre cooler', brake torque bar, not to mention the mysterious 'salad box' have all appeared on the Desmosedici since Dall’Igna's arrival at the factory in late 2013.

There are almost certainly many other innovations concealed under the bodywork or inside the engine, while other – perhaps even more radical - ideas were dropped before reaching the race team.

Ducati's consistent track record of breaking new technical ground despite ever-tightening technical rules and standardised parts can't be a coincidence. But how do their ideas normally emerge?

Does Dall’Igna pace around his office deep in thought, pausing to make sketches on a whiteboard until he has a breakthrough? Or perhaps he wakes up in the middle of the night with a 'eureka' moment and scribbles a new concept on a notepad by his bed?

In reality, innovation is a carefully crafted process, with Dall’Igna acting as a kind of conductor for the technical department 'orchestra'.

"The ideas always come from a team of people," smiled Dall’Igna, when the 'eureka' analogy was put to him, during an exclusive interview with

"I don’t think that all the ideas have to come from one single man. It's important to create a co-operation between people. It's important to push people to find new ideas, to explain new ideas. And so this is the typical working process in Ducati... CLICK HERE for the full story.



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