Roborace completed the maiden autonomous run of the Goodwood hillclimb using its AI-driven Robocar on Friday, acting as a landmark achievement for the growing project.

Roborace has featured on Formula E's support package at a number of events in the past two seasons to showcase its autonomous technology and self-driving car, with the Goodwood hillclimb acting as the latest challenge at the Festival of Speed.

The autonomous Robocar completed the 1.16-mile course at Goodwood, making it the first completion of the hillclimb without a driver behind the wheel in the 25-year history of the event.

"We are ecstatic that the team have been able to achieve this landmark run and we hope that it draws attention to the amazing advances that are being made in the automotive industry,” said Rod Chong, Deputy CEO of Roborace. the longest-serving motorsport website in the world

“Robocar is an ambassador for the future technologies we will see on our roads and we hope that inspirational stunts like this will change public perceptions of autonomous vehicles.”