1Michael DunlopMD Racing Patron S1-R 56:21.5
2Mike BrowneBurrows Engineering/RK Racing PatonS1-R26.78356:48.3
3Jamie CowardKTS Racingpowered by Steadplan Kawasaki z-6502.23756:50.5
4Peter HickmanPHR Performance Yamaha R726.04557:16.5
5Josh BrookesDafabet Racing Kawasaki ER-6f11.12957:27.7
6Pierre Yves BianVAs Engine/Laser Scanning Paton S1-R43.44658:11.1
7Dominic HerbertsonJohn M Paterson Ltd/CC Engineering Kawasaki z-65011.71958:22.8
8Michael RutterBathams Ales Yamaha R733.39658:56.2
9Baz FurberDC Auto Repairs Newtown Ltd Yamaha MT-0720.22059:16.5
10Rob HodsonSMT/KH Commercials Kawasaki z-65017,20359:33.7
11Michael EvansRea Racing DYno Centre/M.E. Racing aprilia RS 66015.37259:49.0
12Michal DokoupilRocknet Aprilia RS 6609.71859:58.7
13Michael RussellFraser Evans Tyre Recycling Aprilia RS 66043.19601.00:42
14Chris MooreSilverstar Services/iHeat Racing Kawasaki Z-6508.49401.00:50.440
15Martin MorrisObsession Engineering, Brewer Racing Aprilia RS 6603.55401.00:53.995
16Paul Potchy WilliamsGolden Site SolutionsLtd kawasaki z-6502.61801.00:56.613
17Dave HewsonObsession Engineering Aprilia RS 6605.87601.01:02.490
18Jonathan GoetschyGoetschy Racing Aprilia RS 6604.23301.01:29.714
19Miroslav SlobondaLaki RT53 Kawasaki ER-6f22.66001.01:29.374
20Paul CassidyIsland Fuels Ltd Kawasaki Z6508.46101.01:37.836
21Pete MurrayArizona Speed Engineering Kawasaki T-Bike Ninja 65012.73401.01:50.571
22Gareth Arnoldno sponsor Aprilia RS 66024.13301.02:14.704
23Jamie CringleAGR Motorsports Kawasaki ER-6f36.98501.02:51.690
24Andy HornbyBlack Eagle Racing/ Legacy Moto/Hei Paton S1-R15.94001.03:07.631
25Tom WeedenPlum Properties Kawasaki Z6506.98001.03:31.854
26David Madsen-MygdalRJP Racing/ Team Gimbert Racing Kawasaki Z65017.24201.03.31.854
27Masayuki YamanakaTeam ILR/ Frog Vehicle Developments Kawasaki ER-6f9.67401.03:41.529
28Jack PetrieAM Tiling Kawasaki ER-6f01.45.12501.05:26.654
29Raul Torras MartinezOptimarkRoad Racing Team Aprilia RS 660 DNF
30David BrookBrook Motorsport Aprilia RS 660 DNF
31Paul JordanPreZ Racing by Prosper Kawasaki ER-6f DNF
33Brian McCormackGlobalrobots Aprilia RS 660 DNF
34Xavier DenisperformanX Racing Team Kawasaki z650 DNF
35Kevin BarsbyCowton Racing/Sally Nunn Kawasaki ER-6f DNF
36Vinny BrennanBartcon Racing Kawasaki Z650 DNF
37CraigSzczypekOxman Carpentry Pure Beauty by Tate Suzuki SV650 DNF
38James ChawkeCarl Roberts- Emmjess Racing Kawasaki Z650 DNF
39Francesco CuringaTeam ILR/ Frog Vehicle Developments Paton S1R DNF
37Stefano BonettiTeam ILR/ Frog Vehicle Developments Paton S1R T-bike DNF
38Jonathan PerryKawasaki Ninja 650 DNS
39Rhys HardistyGas Assessment and Training Centre Kawasaki Z650 DNS
38Julian TrummerHeattech Racing Yamaha R7 DNS




Update: It was announced early in the evening in a statement from the TT organisers that Spanish rider Raul Torras Martinez sadly passed away following an accident at Alpine, between the 16th and 17th mile markers on the final lap of the race.


Raul Torras Martinez was the most successful Spanish rider in road racing at the Isle of Man - the fastest from his country to lap the TT course. Having made his debut in the competiton in 2017 he achieved a best of 15th last season in the Supertwin race, competing in 21 TT races and earning18 Bronze Replicas in the sport. Raul was competing in his 5th TT. 


The Supertwin race that ended day three of racing at the Isle of Man TT saw Michael Dunlop back to winning ways collecting his 24th victory.

Mike Browne won a hotly contested battle for second, holding off Jamie Coward. Peter Hickman just missed out on a podium finish.


2023 Isle of Man TT - SuperSTOCK Race 1
1Peter HickmanBMWMonster Energy by FHO Racing BMW51:05.245              
2Michael DunlopHondaMD Racing51:28.417
3Dean HarrisonKawasakiDAO Racing Kawasaki51:43.244
4Davey ToddHondaMilenco by Padgett’s Motorcycles52:06.251
5James HillierYamahaOMG Racing52:14.822
6Jamie CowardHondaKTS Racing powered by Steadplan52:16.168
7Conor CumminsHondaMilenco by Padgett’s Motorcycles52:37.564
8David JohnsonHondaC&LFairburnProperties/Jackson Racing52:56.131
9Mike BrowneBMWBurrows Engineering / RK racing53:35.344
10Shaun AndersonSuzukiTeam Classic Suzuki53:38.580
11Brian McCormackBMWRoadhouse Macau by FHO53:48.443
12Craig NeveHondaBathams Racing53:49.243
13Michael RutterBMWBathams Ales53:58.364
14James HindSuzukiNorth Lincs Components54:03.697
15Samuel WestBMWStreet Diner Racing54:09.031
16Paul JordanYamahaPreZ Racing by Prosper²54:48.621
17Julian TrummerHondaWH Racing with Dynobike54:53.118
18Stephen SmithHondaDP Coldplaning / TC- Racing54:56.455
19Rob HodsonHondaSMT Racing55:02.460
20Raul MartinezHondaToll Racing Team by Ecubitt55:09.613
21Richard WilsonHondaKH Hire55:32.978
22Mark GoodingsKawasakiLMT Motorsport55:43.333
23Mark ParrettBMWC and C ltd55:43.466
24Stefano BonettiHondaSpeed motor55:50.608
25David DatzerBMWMTP-Racing by Tommy Wagner55:50.764
26Ryan CringleHondaAGR Motorsports55:51.760
27Michael RussellBMWPipewerx Exhausts55:53.638
28Forest DunnSuzukino sponsor55:58.254
29Dominic HerbertsonBMWEFL Engineering Fabrication Ltd56:01.125
30Michael EvansSuzukiMichael Evans Racing56:07.088
31James ChawkeSuzukiChawkie Racing Supporters Club56:10.125
32Allann VenterBMWLekka Racing/Sandton BMW/Tag-4356:28.871
33Rhys HardistyYamahaLee Williams Contractors56:33.222
34Rennie ScaysbrookBMWTeam Kibosh56:34.670
35Dave HewsonBMWObsession Engineering Ltd56:54.130
36Amalric BlancBMWTeam B&M / Team Gazzz 5857:02.160
37Anthony RedmondBMWReds Garage IOM57:07.266
38Xavier DenisYamahaperformanX Racing Team57:45.319

Peter Hickman wins his first Isle of Man TT race of 2023, and tenth of his career, with a dominant performance in the opening Superstock race.

Michael Dunlop and Dean Harrison complete the podium.

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