Peterborough skipper and world No.4 Ryan Sullivan will remain with the club for another season after signing a 2002 contract before returning home to Australia for the winter.

Sullivan's signing has delighted the Peterborough management, who are determined to get their line-up for next season sorted out as quickly as possible.

There was never any doubt that Panthers wanted Sullivan as their one allotted Grand Prix rider for next year - and Sullivan was equally eager to commit himself to Peterborough again.

Co-promoter Jim Lynch said: "Our meeting was typical of most of our negotiations with Ryan - it went very smoothly. We know all Panthers fans wanted to see him back here next year, especially with all the speculation surrounding Grand Prix riders in 2002, and we are absolutely delighted to have sorted things out so quickly.

"World class is an overused phrase but in Ryan's case it is spot on. He's proved what a brilliant rider he is in the Grand Prix this year and his efforts for the club have again been phenomenal.

"With clubs set to only have one Grand Prix rider next year, and with the extra commitments they face after the series was extended to 10 rounds, it's important to get someone who will still give 100 per cent for their club.

"With Ryan we have that. He's been here for a long while and he cares about the club which perhaps you can't always say about some of the big names."

Sullivan's signature is a major step forward in the club's team-building plans for 2002 as they can now build the rest of the side around him. They also hope to bring Sam Tesar back and have number of other riding assets to choose from.