The Super Cheap Auto Racing Ford is flying and Steve Ellery and Luke Youlden couldn't be happier.

Placing third in first practice and again very competitive in the second, Ellery and Youlden have their sights very firmly locked on tomorrow's shootout.

"The Falcon was fantastic today, I think we're a very good chance for tomorrow's shootout," Steve Ellery said. "I've got a really good feeling about this weekend, the BA feels the best it ever has, Luke (Youlden) is driving great and I think I'm doing pretty well also.

"We're looking for a reward this weekend after what has been a tough year for the team."

Ellery puts today's solid start on a development program that stated in Perth several months ago.

"At Perth we found something that made us realise that we were finally going in the right direction," Ellery said. "We've been working hard to improve over each round and I think we have.

"Oran Park should have been the round that made people stand up and take notice of us, but things happened preventing this from happening.

"We know we have a very, very good car in the garage and we're aiming for big things here at Sandown, and over the remainder of the season."

Ellery's co-driver Luke Youlden again proved his worth after another impressive driving stint.

"After today's two practice sessions I have a lot more confidence going into qualifying tomorrow," Luke Youlden said. "I haven't driven a V8 at Sandown before so there was a lot to learn, but I pick up circuits pretty quickly and I pulled out some good times.

"The second session gave me the opportunity to try a few things. I changed my line a bit, braked a bit later going into corners, had my foot on the power a bit earlier, just looking for ways to improve.

"By the end of the session I improved my times and feel a lot better about tackling Sunday's race."

Super Cheap Auto Racing followed up the first session's third placing with 17th in the second but were not concerned.

"I think the race car is ready," Ellery said. "I believe that our fastest time today put us in, or just outside, the top-ten.

"It's feeling great and it's fast, we haven't changed a thing today. My philosophy is if it ain't broke don't change it.

"We were in fifth place with ten minutes to go in second practice, but decided to call it a day. We lost two tyres in first practice with a flat spot and a puncture so we pulled out of the session.

"We did this to save our remaining practice tyres for tomorrow morning's session."

Ellery believes that the team can be a force tomorrow.

"We think that we'll make the shootout," Ellery said. "I'll gladly settle for 10th place, then we can go out first, post a time and watch the rest crash around us, it worked at Oran Park didn't it."

Qualifying starts 12.40pm tomorrow followed by the top-ten shootout at 3.00pm [all times local].