Both OzEmail Falcons were involved in crashes during race two of the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, the most severe being Brad Jones who was lucky to survive the 200kph accident unhurt.

John Bowe was left with less of a repair bill but his incident was costly in the way of championship points. On lap 60, in a fierce battle with Paul Radisich, the two cars collided in the braking area of turn ten. Bowe's OzEmail Falcon spun and he was forced to wait for the entire field to pass before rejoining the race.

Brad Jones' #21 OzEmail Falcon suffered major damage when he was innocently caught up in a five car pile up after what could only be described as a ridiculous move by Paul Dumbrell on the fastest corner of the track. Four of the five cars sustained high levels of destruction.

Dumbrell attempted to pass Cameron McConville through the 200kph sweeper, pushing McConville into the concrete wall and his subsequent bounce back onto the track was in the immediate line of Jones. Ironically, Dumbrell's car was the only one to come through unscathed.

"I can't believe that someone would be so stupid to think that they could fit two cars through that corner. In the history of the event, it has never been an overtaking spot and it never will be," said a fired up Brad Jones.

"When you get that sort of immaturity on the race track, you end up with what we did today, cars that will need to be fully rebuilt for the next round," Jones added.

John Bowe eventually limped home to finish in 15th position and although race two proved to be disaster after disaster for the former touring car champ, he has still finished the weekend inside the top ten in the standings.

"To finish 9th overall is a bit of a surprise really but there was plenty of carnage today that obviously helped us in the end. We haven't had a decent result here in Adelaide for a few years, so we can take something away from the weekend," said Bowe.

Commenting on his 'coming-together' with Radisich, a despondent Bowe said - "I haven't had chance to look at the footage but from where I sat it felt like Paul moved over on me as he was trying to apex for the corner. I'm not sure why I was given a drive through penalty for a driving infringement for it."

Bowe was referring to the fact that he was awarded two drive through penalties during the race, one for the incident with Radisich and the other for exceeding the pit lane speed limit.

The crew at Brad Jones Racing will be impatiently waiting for the team transporter to turn up at their Albury workshop, so they can start the rebuild on the #21 OzEmail Falcon. With the next round just a fortnight away at Sydney's Eastern Creek, there will be plenty of midnight oil burning.