For the first 12 stages of the rally, all 555 SWRT cars have been fitted with Pirelli PZero XR Tyres. The X family of tyres is used on events where rocks and stones are the biggest problem and is the same type used by the team in Cyprus.

Unlike the low-profile asphalt tyres, which are fitted to 18-inch wheels, Pirelli's gravel tyres have a taller profile and are fitted to smaller 15-inch diameter, 7-inch wide rims to maintain the same maximum overall diameter. Over the three days of the rally, each car is expected to use 40 tyres.

The XR tyre has a close tread pattern and is used in extreme conditions where the surface is rocky and hard but clear of significant amounts of loose gravel. Because rally cars spend much of the drifting sideways, the sidewalls of the tyres are strengthened with four raised bands reinforced with steel and kevlar.

Legs One and Two have presented drivers with three groups of two stages each day, and the opportunity to attend to their tyres after each stage. Before starting the second stage of the groups they pressure check all four tyres and, as front tyres are subjected to more wear than the rears, the spare wheel is swapped with one of the front corners. The best rear tyre will be moved to the other side at the front.