SS3 - Orien - Isinya (112.52 kms): Sainz fastest through SS3; Makinen second; Auriol third; Delecour fourth; Rovanpera fifth; Loix broke a compression strut; Colin McRae has retired after going off the road; Solberg lost time with a damaged right rear suspension; Pozzo leads Group N by 2mins 54secs; Makinen leads overall rally by 2mins 12secs.

SS3 - Orien - Isinya (112.52 kms):

Stage times and overall standings after SS3.

Top ten stage times for SS3:

1.Carlos SainzFord Focus RS WRC48mins 40.0ecs
2.Tommi MakinenMitsubishi Lancer Evo+00mins 17.0secs
3.Didier AuriolPeugeot 206 WRC+00mins 18.0secs
4.Francois DelecourFord Focus RS WRC+01mins 38.0secs
5.Harri RovanperaPeugeot 206 WRC+00mins 57.0secs
6.Marcus GronholmPeugeot 206 WRC+02mins 20.0secs
7.Bruno ThirySkoda Octavia WRC+04mins 23.0secs
8.Colin McRaeFord Focus RS WRC+05mins 21.0secs
9.Armin SchwarzSkoda Octavia WRC+06mins 25.0secs
10.Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC+06mins 28.0secs

Overall times after SS3:

1.Tommi MakinenMitsubishi Lancer Evo2hours 08mins 12.0secs
2.Carlos SainzFord Focus RS WRC+02mins 12.0ecs
3.Harri RovanperaPeugeot 206 WRC+04mins 36.0secs
4.Marcus GronholmPeugeot 206 WRC+04mins 56.0secs
5.Colin McRaeFord Focus RS WRC+05mins 37.0secs
6.Armin SchwarzSkoda Octavia WRC+06mins 34.0secs
7.Didier AuriolPeugeot 206 WRC+06mins 41.0secs
8.Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC+06mins 58.0secs
9.Francois DelecourFord Focus RS WRC+07mins 56.0secs
10.Bruno ThirySkoda Octavia WRC+10mins 00.0secs

11.Freddie LoixMitsubishi Carisma GT+19mins 45.0secs
12.Toshihiro Arai Subaru Impreza+20mins 18.0secs
13.Gabriel PozzoMitsubishi Lancer Evo6+26mins 01.0secs
14.M LigatoMitsubishi Lancer+28mins 55.0secs
15.A CavanaghSubaru Impreza+29mins 12.0secs
16.R GreenSubaru Impreza+33mins 25.0secs
17.F DorSubaru Impreza+43mins 31.0secs
18.S BlomqvistMitsubishi Carisma GT+49mins 02.0secs
19.R HellierMitsubishi Lancer+50mins 27.0secs
20.A AnwarMitsubishi Lancer +53mins 00.0secs

Overall Group N after SS3:

1.Gabriel PozzoMitsubishi Lancer Evo62hours 34mins 13.0secs
2.M LigatoMitsubishi Lancer+02mins 54.0secs
3.S BlomqvistMitsubishi Carisma GT+23mins 01.0secs

Notable retirements:

SS1.Richard BurnsSubaru Impreza WRCBroken front suspension.
SS3.Colin McRaeFord Focus RS WRCSteering rack and clutch problems.