SS6 - Rosans-L'Epine (31.81 kms): Loeb fastest through SS6; Loix second; Sainz third; Martin fourth; Solberg fifth; Gronholm sixth; Duval seventh; Katajamaki leads the JWRC category; Loeb leads the overall rally at the end of leg 1 by 18.3secs.

Stage times and overall standings after SS6.

Top ten stage times for SS6:

1. Sebastien LoebCitroen Xsara WRC18mins 15.2secs
2. Freddy LoixPeugeot 307 WRC+00mins 05.9secs
3. Carlos SainzCitroen Xsara WRC+00mins 12.1secs
4. Markko MartinFord Focus RS WRC 3+00mins 14.9secs
5. Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC 2003+00mins 20.5secs
6. Marcus GronholmPeugeot 307 WRC+00mins 28.7secs
7. Francois DuvalFord Focus RS WRC 3+00mins 39.8secs
8. Mikko HirvonenSubaru Impreza WRC 2003+00mins 40.5secs
9. Roman KrestaHyundai Accent WRC+01mins 05.6secs
10. Olivier BurriSubaru Impreza WRC+01mins 25.6secs

Overall times after SS6:

1. Sebastien LoebCitroen Xsara WRC1hour 26mins 38.7secs
2. Markko MartinFord Focus RS WRC 3+00mins 18.3secs
3. Marcus GronholmPeugeot 307 WRC+00mins 18.7secs
4. Carlos SainzCitroen Xsara WRC+00mins 46.5secs
5. Francois DuvalFord Focus RS WRC 3+01mins 00.6secs
6. Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC 2003+01mins 52.4secs
7. Roman KrestaHyundai Accent WRC+02mins 54.0secs
8. Mikko HirvonenSubaru Impreza WRC 2003+02mins 54.8secs
9. Freddy LoixPeugeot 307 WRC+02mins 59.8secs
10. Nicolas VouillozPeugeot 206 WRC+04mins 05.7secs

11. Gilles PanizziMitsubishi Lancer WRC04+05mins 33.1secs
12. Antony WarmboldFord Focus RS WRC 2+05mins 47.7secs
13. Olivier BurriSubaru Impreza WRC+05mins 48.3secs
14. Jussi ValimakiHyundai Accent WRC+08mins 24.9secs
15. Josef BeresHyundai Accent WRC+08mins 31.1secs16. Kosti KatajamakiSuzuki Ignis+08mins 59.4secs17. Urmo AavaSuzuki Ignis+09mins 09.4secs18. Nicolas BernardiRenault Clio+09mins 48.8secs19. Alessandro Broccoli Fiat Punto+11mins 50.7secs
20. Luca RossettiCitroen Saxo VTS+11mins 56.1secs

Overall JWRC after SS6:

1. Kosti KatajamakiSuzuki Ignis1hour 35mins 38.1secs2. Urmo AavaSuzuki Ignis+00mins 10.0secs3. Nicolas BernardiRenault Clio+00mins 49.4secs4. Alessandro Broccoli Fiat Punto+02mins 51.3secs5. Xavier PonsFiat Punto+04mins 36.6secs

Notable retirements:

SS5. Gianluigi GalliMitsubishi Lancer WRC04Went off the road.

Italics denotes Junior World Rally Championship entries.



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