Ford's Markko Martin and Michael Park suffered one of the worst crashes of their career last weekend on the Rally of Argentina. How bad was it? Judge for yourself... with these excellent pictures of the remains of the Ford Focus WRC.

Markko Martin [Ford]:

"I feel very lucky to be able to walk away from an accident like that. I knew when we were in the air over the jump that it was going to be bad but it was far worse than I expected. It was my mistake and one that came from the recce. It was a new stage and with only two passes over the road in practice, I did not pick up the rock that we landed on. My line was about half a metre wrong and that was costly."

Michael Park [co-driver] [Ford]:

"The jump came at the end of a long straight. We took a slightly different line and on landing the car's differential guard hit a rock. The impact kicked the car into the air and it landed on its nose before rolling end over end down the road. The first impact took much of the speed out of the accident so the car didn't roll too many times. Markko's door was ripped open so we both climbed out that side and I went back down the road to warn following cars. It's the biggest accident I've had and I don't want another like it."

Malcolm Wilson [Ford Rallye Sport - team director]: [on Martin's crash]:

"The data shows this was a very violent accident indeed. The incident occurred on a fast part of the stage but thankfully the strength of the Ford Focus RS World Rally Car prevented serious injury to either Markko or Michael."