Kronos Citroen number one driver, Sebastien Loeb has said that at the very least he is likely to do the reconnaissance for the Rally New Zealand in two-three weeks time, as he continues to recover from the injury his sustained in a mountain bike accident.

Speaking after clinching his third drivers' title in succession on Sunday, following Marcus Gronholm's failure to finish in the top three and keep the battle alive, the Frenchman added while he can't be 100 per cent sure when he will return to the fold, everything is going very well.

"It's true that it will be much easier [to focus on my recovery now] without the obsession of coming back quickly [to ensure I take the title]. But it doesn't mean that I will go easier on myself as regards my rehabilitation. I have a lot of work to do," he noted. "The X-rays we've just had have proved that the calcification is going well. I will have some checks in two weeks' time. I realise that a lot of time is needed. A fracture at this level is rather complicated. On top of the bone-knitting, I need to work on my range of movement and the strength of my arm.

"Some days, I have the feeling that nothing happens but I've understood that progress comes step by step.

"At the moment I can drive my road car on normal roads. But as far as getting back behind the wheel of a WRC car goes, I am unable to give you a date yet - and neither are the people looking after me. The minimum I can hope for is to take part in the New Zealand rally recce, as the route has changed a lot.

"So even if I don't compete on the event this year, I won't have to discover it completely next year. For the rest I need to be patient. It gives me some time to savour my third title."