The FIA, the governing body for the WRC, has released the entry list for the 2008 Production Car World Rally Championship.

Toshi Arai, who won the Production crown for the second time last year, will return to try and take the honours again, while the likes of Nasser Al-Attiyah, Juho Hanninen, Armindo Araujo and Andreas Aigner are also coming back for more.

In total 28 entries were confirmed - 5 for drivers and the rest for teams - along with their nominated events. Eight rounds will count towards the PWRC in 2008 with competitors eligible to score points on six of them.

27 have opted to take in the Acropolis Rally, while only 15 will do the event in Finland, which also counts towards the JWRC as well. 19 will start in Sweden, the first round in the PWRC.

The full 2008 PWRC entry list is as follows, the countries in italics are the rounds that an individual driver or team has opted not to nominate:

2008 FIA Production Car World Rally Championship entry list:

31. Subaru Team / Toshi Arai (J) Team Finland and GB
32. Mirco Baldacci (RSM) Driver Sweden and Finland
33. Martin Prokop (CZ) Driver Finland and Japan
34. Gianluca Linari (I) Driver Finland and GB
35. Evgeny Novikov (RUS) Driver Sweden and Finland
36. Eyvind Brynildsen (N) Driver Argentina and NZ
37. Autotek (CY) Team Sweden and Turkey
38. Orion World Rally Team (HKJ) Team Sweden and Japan
39. QMMF (QA) ASNTeam Finland and Japan
40. Errani Team Group (I) Team Finland and NZ
41. Red Bull Rallye Team 1 (A) Team Finland and Japan
42. Red Bull Rallye Team 2 (A) Team Finland and Japan
43. Subaru RallyTeam Russia (RUS) Team Argentina and GB
44. Gaboko Racing Association (H) Team Sweden and Japan
45. Motoring Club 1 (I) Team NZ and Japan
46. Motoring Club 2 (I) Team Turkey and Japan
47. Motoring Club 3 (I) Team Greece and Japan
48. Red Wings (Moscow Region Team (RUS) Team NZ and Japan
49. Scuderia Rubicone Corse (I) Team NZ and Japan
50. Ralliart Italy (I) Team Argentina and Finland
51. Indonesia Rally Team (RI) Team Turkey and GB
52. Ralliart New Zealand (NZ) Team Argentina and Turkey
53. Pro Race & C. sas (I) Team NZ and Japan
54. Subaru RallyTeam USA (USA) Team Sweden and Finland
55. Peugeot Sport Sweden (S) Team Finland and Japan
56. ADVAN-PIAA Rally Team (J) Team Sweden and Turkey
57. World Rally Team Estonia (EE) Team Sweden and Finland
58. Team Sidvin India (IND) Team Sweden and Argentina

Countries in italics denotes dropped events.

Sweden: 19 PWRC entries
Argentina: 23 PWRC entries
Greece: 27 PWRC entries
Turkey: 23 PWRC entries
Finland: 15 PWRC entries
New Zealand: 22 PWRC entries
Japan: 15 PWRC entries
Britain: 24 PWRC entries



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