Aussie Troy Corser will be on home territory this weekend at Phillip Island, and here the man who holds both the Superpole and race lap records from 1999, talks us through a flying lap of the coastal circuit - which he will attack this weekend on his Foggy Petronas FP1.

''You are in sixth gear down the start/finish Gardner Straight and in January we were reaching speeds around 300kph on the FP1,'' began Corser. ''After back-shifting a couple of gears to fourth before breaking around 100m before turn one, Doohan Corner. It's bumpy around there, so you have to watch the front.

''Then it's on the gas early to get a good run into the Southern Loop, before back-shifting to third for the double apex corner, which we were able to take in third gear. Again you need to be onto the gas early onto Bass Straight and you will go over the crest, turn three, in fifth before dropping to second for the Honda hairpin, hard on the brakes.

''You go back into third briefly before Siberia, which if you have a good set-up like we have, you can take in third. It's really important to get a run into the next section, because there is a lot of wheelspin as you are going uphill, on camber, before going off camber as you exit this next kink section.

''The right-hander called Haysheds, turn eight, is one of the most important on the circuit, because it sets you up for the run up to Lukey Heights, where you need to carry momentum. You need to be off the brakes here before moving up to third around Lukey, turn nine, which you have to try and hold as tight as possible. This is also off-camber and another place where the set-up is key.

''Then you brake and back-shift down to first gear into MG Corner, turn 10. I think this is the most important exit into the left-hander, turn 11, where you hold third, move up to fifth at the top of the hill at around 220kph, before taking the final turn twelve in fourth.''

In 1999, Troy had a fantastic tussle with team boss Carl Fogarty in the second race, after also winning the first.

''I was in front going over the top of Lukey Heights before I went into MG a bit wide,'' recalled Corser. ''Carl came diving inside and almost took us both down. I had to pick the bike up to make sure we didn't hit. Then I just chased him down and went around him on the final bend to win by 0.005 seconds.''