Pirelli to use development SCX tyre again in Assen after ‘useful data’ in Barcelona

Pirelli have confirmed that the C0900 development tyre will again be used during this weekend’s Assen WorldSBK round.

Alvaro Bautista, worn Pirelli tyre, race 2, Australian WorldSBK, 25 February
Alvaro Bautista, worn Pirelli tyre, race 2, Australian WorldSBK, 25…

After making its debut in Barcelona, Pirelli were happy enough with the feedback and will use their latest development WorldSBK tyre again in Assen to collect a more accurate assessment of its performance.

In terms of rear tyre choices for the weekend, the SCX-A super soft (C0900) tyre will be available as mentioned, while the standard super soft rear will also be available for riders to choose from. 

There will also be another soft compound tyre in the form of the SC0 and SC0extra soft, both of which feature heavily in the championship already.

In terms of front tyres, Pirelli has brought two standard options which include the SC1 medium front which is the softer front tyre option and is aimed at giving riders greater confidence when entering the corner.

There will also be the SC2 hard to choose from which could be selected if some riders and teams demand more from the front of their machine to reach maximum performance.

Speaking ahead of this weekend, Pirelli’s Motorcycle Racing Director, Giorgio Barbier added: “The characteristics of the track as well as the climatic conditions usually found in Assen are very different from those of Montmelo where we raced last month, and this allows us to collect other useful data from a development perspective.

“Here we want to continue the work on the C0900, which in the last round gave good feedback in terms of grip and behaviour but given the aggressiveness of the Catalan asphalt, suffered a bit in terms of wear.

“On paper, Assen is a less abrasive and usually colder circuit; therefore, we expect to collect information that can give us a more complete picture of the potential of this solution. 

“In past years the characteristics of the asphalt have allowed the use of fairly soft solutions despite the cold temperatures, consequently we think there is margin in the teams' work to find the ideal set up to exploit the options provided. 

“Assen also sees us busy on another front, that of the Northern Talent Cup which holds its first seasonal event here.

“From this year we are in fact sole suppliers not only of this, but of all those competitions for young talents which are part of the project Road to MotoGP promoted by Dorna, including the Asia Talent Cup which made its successful debut last month in Qatar.”

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