New grid format for Race 2 in WorldSSP ‘interesting, but more difficult’

A new grid positioning rule has come into play for WorldSSP in 2024 and the riders have had their say.

Stefano Manzi
Stefano Manzi

In previous years the grid for Race 1 and 2 in WorldSSP was determined by qualifying results in the Superpole session.

This meant that whatever your result or fastest lap time in Race 1 was, you would start Race 2 in the same position as Race 1, due to your qualifying result.

However, that is all changed in 2024 as the Superpole session will only organise the grid positions for Race 1.

Grid slots for Race 2 will instead be determined by your fastest lap in Race 1, thus giving riders the chance to show off a different skill.

But this rule is only in place for the top nine positions, meaning if your best lap time was one of the nine fastest laps in Race 1, you will therefore be given a top nine position for Race 2.

If your best lap time is not quick enough to be in the top nine, then you will start Race 2 based on your result in qualifying.

“Without FP2, I think it’ll be important to do something for Race 2, because if you crash during the Superpole, you have the chance to make a good lap time and try to start Race 2 in the first nine positions,” said Yari Montella who topped the Official Phillip Island test on Monday.

Second fastest was Federico Caricasulo, who told “For the Superpole on Friday, I think it’s a small advantage for everyone who has everything from the year before, the same team and bike, and arrives with a good base.

“Maybe for us who have three days to understand where we are and how to be fast, it’ll be a little bit more difficult.

“For the grid for Race 2, I don’t know. The important thing is that it’s the same for everybody.”

Also giving his views was Yamaha rider Stefano Manzi, who is considered the favourite for the title after finishing second to Nicolo Bulega last season.

The ex-Moto2 rider said: “At the moment, I’m not focusing on it but it’s going to be interesting.

“I have to be fast over a single lap in the race because I, for sure, want to start as far forward as possible in Race 2.”

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