The World Supersport Championship race at Monza will go ahead following the second World Superbike encounter after three red flag periods wreaked havoc with the schedule.

The World Supersport race originally got underway as planned at 12.30GMT, but was stopped on the third lap when all four leaders, Kenan Sofuoglu, Florian Marino, Sam Lowes and Lorenzo Zanetti, slipped off on oil deposited by Massimo Roccoli's Yamaha.

Following a lengthy clean-up operation, the second start lasted just one lap when Alessia Polita suffered an accident on the exit of Ascari, her VFT Yamaha causing damage to the barriers at a crucial point of the circuit.

Getting going for a third time an hour after the original start, the race would last just seconds when a massive first corner pile-up would see the red flag out for a third time. Seemingly prompted by Stefano Cruciani going into the first corner too hot, the Italian would clip Lorenzo Zanetti, the subsequent crash causing a concertina effect behind that would in turn take several riders off their bikes.

As a result, attention turns to the second World Superbike race, which will start on schedule at 14.30GMT, with the fourth attempt at the Supersport race set to take place afterwards.