British Superbikes, Oulton Park - Iddon: “I kept having to try to calm myself down!”

Christian Iddon kept his forward momentum to claim a trio of podiums, with a second that came close to a win in the final race at Oulton Park.

Iddon chasing Irwin at Oulton Park, 2024
Iddon chasing Irwin at Oulton Park, 2024
© Ian Hopgood Photography

Christian Iddon found enough after his podium finishes to lead and then pile on the pressure to Glenn Irwin as he gave him a race all the way to the line at Oulton Park.

The Oxford Products Ducati rider had a season to forget in 2023 with the team but they have worked collectively to get to a place where they feel they can compete for the title in 2024.

After a solid start in Navarra, Iddon has looked back to his full potential at his home circuit.

For the final race the #21 had set the fastest lap in the sprint, while chasing down Irwin, so landed pole - a position Iddon felt made all the difference in such a close championship:

“Starting from pole is a BIG bonus. There was, I think, the top ten from the previous race were all within a tenth and a half or something, so it’s crazy close.

“I knew I could run the pace for most of the race, which not everyone’s been able to do. Myself and Glenn have been really good at that.

Iddon found that although his Ducati is now headed firmly in the right direction for the races ahead, small mistakes come with a big penalty:

“I kept having to try to calm myself down! Every time I had a little moment , in the way we’ve got the bike for this weekend, it’s absolutely awesome - but - if I made a small mistake it’s really hurting me, and funnily enough that’s kind of why I lost the lead”.

“The first chicane has been a weak point for me and I made a very small error and that’s been one of Glenn’s strongest points over me all weekend. He saw his opportunity when I was weak and just pounced straight away”.

Iddon had to settle for second behind a fellow Ducati rider but gave everything on the last lap to try and find a way past, with not even a slipstream to the line enough to make the difference. Consideration came in that maybe an earlier push instead of sitting in behind may have brought more success:

“He made his move and then I was trying to weigh him up but to be fair, I’ve spent two races now weighing him up, so I should have known what was what!

I wasn’t able to get the run down to the last corner - it was close. I feel  a bit disappointed because I definitely believe that the team gave me a bike that was capable of winning.

There were still many positives for Iddon to take away as the championship moves on to Donington Park, with a trio of rostrum finishes for the first time since 2021 as he passed a landmark 250 starts in the sprint race.

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