British Superbikes, Oulton Park - Irwin brings triple success to PBM Ducati

Glenn Irwin was in top form for a triple win, bringing success to his rebuilt PBM Ducati Team.

Sprint Podium , Oulton Park, 2024, Irwin, Bridewell, Iddon
Sprint Podium , Oulton Park, 2024, Irwin, Bridewell, Iddon
© Ian Hopgood Photography

Glenn Irwin looked unstoppable in the first race and the sprint, but his third victory of the Oulton Park meeting was all the more sweeter as he had to time his move for the lead and soak up pressure from fellow Ducati rider Christian Iddon.

It is a first for PBM 2.0 as twins Frank and Jordan, who have taken over the Hagar sponsored team previously run by their late father Paul, with Irwin opting to stay in the fold for 2024. Irwin described the success as ‘a dream’:

“It’s been a dream - it was nice to be in a different position in that race. I do prefer leading but I got to have a look at Christian and, you know, the championship is long, to understand where we need to improve our bike and where he is strong”.

With the Ducati seemingly the bike to be on at the Cheshire track, any advantage was welcome. Sitting in behind gave the #2 a chance, not only to see what Iddon was doing, but to save his own tyres for an attack:

“I knew he was very good at Druids, but studying him, I can see he was using a little bit of tyre - I’m not going to say - he certainly wasn’t going bananas or anything - but I was very neat”.

Irwin was able to keep up and wait patiently in behind for Iddon to slip up, ready to pounce:

“He just kept setting an incredible pace, so we closed in a bit, then had a lap where, maybe a messy lap, closed in a bit again, and he just made a little mistake in the first chicane”.

Irwin knew he had to push then adding: “one mistake and I said if I want the treble, I need to go!”

The Northern Irish rider capitalised, pulled ahead and then ran defensive lines to capitalise and pick up the triple - and the championship lead in the process heading to round three at Donington Park in two weeks' time.

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