MSVR have published a statement explaining the regulations behind the decision to award James Ellison victory in the first British Superbike Championship race of the day at Mallory Park.

Despite running seventh on the road, Ellison inherited the win after an accident involving Josh Brookes and Simon Andrews also brought down Tommy Hill, Chris Walker, Karl Harris and John Laverty - the top six at the start of lap 23.

Although it was originally expected that the race would be declared on count-back, race director Stuart Higgs explained a 'snap-shot' was taken of the order when the red flag was deployed. It meant those not upright couldn't be classified.

"The moment the race is stopped, you take a snap-shot of the situation and you eliminate all of those who are not racing - the only riders who can be classified in the results are those who are still racing," explained Higgs.

"If a race has to be stopped after the leader has completed two thirds of the original race distance, rounded down to the nearest number of laps, it will be considered to have finished.

"While I'm clearly very unhappy that the spectacle of the best race of the year so far has been ruined, the application of the rules in respect of the race result is correct."

Following the publication of the result, Higgs met with the Team's Liaison Group, formed to deal with situations like this that arise during events, and he explained the regulations to Havier Beltran (HM Plant Honda), Jack Valentine (Worx Crescent Suzuki), Colin Wright (Airwaves Yamaha), Rob McElnea (Motorpoint Henderson Yamaha) and Nick Morgan (MSS Discovery Kawasaki who accepted this.

The relevant regulation, published in the 2009 MCRCB Yearbook is

a) The order of classification shall be based upon the order of last crossing the finish line prior to the showing of the red flag, and only competitors who are racing at the showing of the red flag will be classified.


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