It was flames ahoy and an almost toasted Noriyuki Haga in the warm-up lap for the first race of the day at Oulton Park with a rather unusual scenario on the warm-up.

As the bikes rounded the circuit on the warm-up lap there was a sudden burst of flame from the back of the grid.

It was hard to see exactly what happened, what with the flames in the way, but a couple of smouldering bikes came through the flames.

Adam Hitchcock seems to have started the incident by clipping the back of Warren Scott's Kawasaki. The off split the fuel tank of his Suzuki, and also took out Vince Whittle, whose tank also split and there were instantly flames everywhere.

Through this Nitro Noriyuki Haga had a flaming bike fly past him. Whilst Nori stayed upright, seemingly unperturbed, though his bike was displaying more than slightly singed bodywork as the grid reformed for the restart.

None of the riders involved were injured.