Flyin' Ryan Griffiths is aiming to smash the World Long Jump record with an attempt of more than 260-feet during the Moto1 festival at Donington Park on October 30-31.

American Ryan Capes holds the record at 257-feet and Griffiths is intent on bringing the title back to his side of the Atlantic.

"We've had a look at the site earlier this week and it all looks feasible," reports Griffiths. "We've labelled an area on the infield as the 'Donington Canyon' and that's what I'll be jumping over."

Griffiths, a former motocross rider who took up stunt riding six years ago, will be assisted in the World record attempt by fellow stunt rider and reigning British wheelie record holder, Jumping Jake Semtex.

"We've got the plan in our mind now," believes Semtex. "A lot will depend on the wind conditions but we intend to be on schedule for Ryan to make the jump at some point on the Sunday."

Griffiths, from Oundle, Northants, will use a power-packed CRF450 Honda for the attempt which is set to be one of the highlights of the non-stop action at the Moto1 weekend.

"To achieve 260-feet in length I'll need to try and keep my height down to about 25-feet as I fly across the canyon," adds 33-year-old Griffiths. "I'll use a 14-foot ramp for take-off and I'm heading for a natural embankment of 40-feet at the other side."

Griffiths' longest career jump is 175-feet and his pre-event training will include jumps of up to 150-feet.

The World Record attempt is supporting the inaugural Moto1 event which involves 24 of Britain's leading motorcycle sportsmen doing battle during a hectic two days of competition over four disciplines; road racing, motocross, trials and supermoto.

"The World Long Jump record attempt is going to be one of the highlights of the Moto1 weekend," says event Managing Director Robbie Allan. "We're hoping everything goes in Ryan?s favour and he can make a successful jump."