The start of Sunday’s race was initially delayed due to safety concerns following a downpour of rain shortly before the grand prix was due to get underway, before it was then red-flagged after two formation laps. understands worsening conditions during this period triggered a power cut that affected the start control systems. This had to be fixed before the race could get back underway. 

The power supply issue prevented a standing start and the race eventually resumed with a rolling formation behind the Safety Car despite track conditions improving after the rain eased. 

There were also questions about the timing of the second red flag following Mick Schumacher’s huge crash at the swimming pool section.

The FIA clarified that the decision to initially deploy the Virtual Safety Car and Safety Car was to neutralise the race so it was safe, before the race was suspended so that barrier repairs could be carried out.  

Hamilton and Magnussen question delays 

Prior to knowing about the power supply issues, Lewis Hamilton said he felt the race could have got underway as planned, though he admitted conditions soon became undriveable. 

“When it first started raining, I thought we could have gone but the it started raining hard and we had to stop,” the seven-time world champion said. “I am glad the rain came but it did not create any opportunities.

“At least two standing starts we could have done, but when the spray is coming up that’s a bit crazy.”

The FIA said the initial decision to delay the start was in part down to the drivers having no experience running in wet conditions during the weekend. 

“We are all F1 drivers so that is definitely not a good reason,” Hamilton added. “This is why I was saying ‘let’s go’ when it was just drizzling a little bit at the beginning.

"I am sure when we are in the drivers’ briefing we will discuss it, but we should have started the race.” 

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen also felt the race could have started. 

“We could have started,” the Dane said. “Of course there was then a point afterwards that was torrential rain and the race would have been red-flagged.

“But that’s part of racing. So if the conditions are okay, they should start us. Maybe give us a crash course in wet weather driving or something, we can go and take some classes.”