Police uncover protestor plot to disrupt British GP and invade Silverstone track

Northamptonshire Police have revealed plans for protesters to disrupt this weekend’s F1 British Grand Prix with a track invasion.
Police uncover protestor plot to disrupt British GP and invade Silverstone track

Officers policing this weekend’s action at Silverstone say they have "credible intelligence" that campaigners are plotting to get on the track during Sunday’s race.

It is unclear why a potential protest could occur but F1 is no stranger to such events.

Greenpeace - an environmental organisation - disrupted the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix as they wanted to draw attention to race sponsor Shell’s drilling practices. 

Police were also forced to investigate and arrest four protestors at the 2020 British GP after a pink banner from environment group Extinction Rebellion was seen at Club Corner ahead of the race two years ago.

At the 2003 British GP, Cornelius Horan - a Catholic priest - ran onto the track midway through the race.

Wearing a kilt and holding a religious banner, Horan forced several drivers to avoid him before being tackled by a race marshal.

1st place Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG
1st place Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG

Event commander and chief inspector, Tom Thompson has issued a warning to the protestors as they are putting their own lives and many others at risk due to the high-speed nature of F1.

“We have received credible intelligence that a group of protestors are planning to disrupt the event and possibly invade the track on race day,” he said.

“First of all, I want to appeal directly to this group of people and strongly urge you to not put yourselves, the drivers, as well as the many marshals, volunteers and members of the public, at risk.

“Going onto a live racetrack is extremely dangerous – if you go ahead with this reckless plan you are jeopardising lives.

“Protesting is of course everyone’s human right in this country and we are more than happy to speak with you to help you facilitate a peaceful protest at the circuit, we just please ask that you do not create a situation that puts lives in danger.”

Local police have advised that the public and fans attending Silverstone remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. 

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