On Lap 1 at Spa-Francorchamps, F1’s two most-experienced drivers came to blows at Les Combes.

Hamilton tried to go around the outside of Alonso into Turn 5 but misjudged his turning point, colliding with the Spaniard.

His Mercedes went airborne as a result while Alonso was able to continue, ultimately finishing fifth.

Shortly after the contact, Alonso raged over team radio: “What an idiot! Closing the door from the outside. I mean, we had a mega-start but this guy only knows how to drive and start in first!”

Hamilton refused to bite back afterwards, taking full responsibility for the incident.

Explaining why Alonso decided to vent his frustration towards Hamilton with an insult about his racecraft, he said: “Yeah, I was angry on the radio.

“The radio, anyway, when you talk, you talk to your engineer and to your team.

“It’s a shame that sometimes everything is broadcasted, because if it’s broadcasted, this is what you say now [in the moment], this [right now] is how you behave in the media.

“When you’re talking on the radio it’s only a comment to your team, normally.”

Alonso then elaborated on his radio message.

“I was frustrated there, for sure,” he added. “Every time we started in the first couple of rows of the grid there is something going on, unfortunately, and I felt that way.

“But, you know, it was a normal incident, and unfortunately Lewis had to retire the car after the incident.

“So, that was probably the worst part of it.”