The Singapore Grand Prix has been on the calendar since 2008, introduced as the sport’s first-ever night race.

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The race is a fan favourite for its challenging track layout, with the grand prix taking place under the floodlights. 

The Singapore GP is also one of the most difficult races of the year for drivers, with the 61-lap race taking around two hours to complete.

Naturally, with it being a street circuit, overtaking has been very difficult over the years.

This was showcased in the 2022 event when Charles Leclerc was unable to overtake eventual race winner, Sergio Perez.

However, organisers are set to make changes to the track in a bid to improve overtaking, increasing the average speed of the lap.

Revealed on the official Singapore GP website, when purchasing tickets for next year’s race, you can see a revised track layout.

Turns 16 to 19 have been removed, allowing for the track to open up and have an additional straight, potentially aiding overtaking.

The changes haven’t been officially confirmed by the circuit organisers.

Albert Park (Australian GP) and the Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi GP) also had significant revisions to their respective circuits in recent years to improve wheel-to-wheel racing.