According to a report from David Land, Latifi is expected to compete in IndyCar next season, driving for Chip Ganassi.

After the Italian Grand Prix, Williams announced their decision to drop Latifi for next season.

The news came after Latifi was out-performed by Nyck de Vries, who was a last minute stand-in for Alexander Albon.

Despite being dropped for next year, Latifi managed to score his first points of the year at the Japanese Grand Prix, finishing ninth after a great call to switch to the intermediates early on.

It seems that Latifi is set to make the move to America, competing in IndyCar for next year.

Many former F1 drivers, including Ericsson and Romain Grosjean, have made the switch in recent years and have enjoyed great success.

According to the report, Latifi would drive Chip Ganassi’s fourth car alongside Ericsson, Scott Dixon and Alexander Rossi.

Speaking in Singapore, Latifi spoke about Williams’ decision to drop him.

“It’s obviously disappointing news,” he said. “I mean I obviously would love to stay in F1 you know, it’s what I’ve been working towards for very good chunk of my life. The pinnacle of motorsport is where I want to be.

“But at the end of the day this is a result of performance based industry, it always has been, and unfortunately it just hasn’t worked out this year for many different reasons.

“Some of my control, some out of my control, that’s motorsport and it’s always been the case for everyone up and down the grid.

“So yeah, now it’s for the rest of the year, obviously there are six races left, and I’m just looking to end on as high a note as possible and kind of close this chapter of three years with Williams off and focus on what’s next, whatever that is.

“If we’re going to ask you what’s next, I don’t really have much detail to give you.”

“I’ve definitely been exploring all the options lets say,” he added.

“I was always one of those people that said even prior to this year, prior to getting into F1 in general, whenever I was asked ‘what if F1 doesn’t work out? What if you got a F1 drive next year, or what if you don’t even get the F1 all those years ago, what’s going to be next?’

“I was always kind of I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it but obviously that bridge has come this year, a few weeks ago. So I’m in the process of just kind of evaluating all the options really.

“There’s many different things on the table, things that ultimately I get to decide what I want to work towards, and yeah it’s still too early to really say anything because it’s quite… obviously I found out after Monza when it was decided.

“I found out before the announcement obviously. I officially found out after Monza which is when I was expecting to hear this anyway so it’s only been a few weeks and right now the focus is just these last six races off on a home.”